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Cut From the Same Cloth…

...excerpt from 24 Fighting Chickens by Rob Redmond

I have always worn my karate uniform to and from practice sessions in my car, on my bike, or when walking to practice. When I lived in Nagoya, I noticed that the Japanese were never seen in their karate uniforms riding on a subway train or bus. In Japan, one apparently does not wear a karate uniform in an inappropriate place. The Japanese are very sensitive to context, and therefore don’t appreciate the more casual Western approach to clothing in which one might not take time to change clothes before changing locations. Where as in the West, you might see someone in their workout clothes at the gas station or other public place, no Japanese would ever do this. Instead, they make sure that they change into appropriate attire before changing situations. Most people put their karate uniform into a gym bag to take it to the dojo.

While in Japan, I saw people just stuff their karate uniforms into their gym bags without any concern at all. My instructor was a different matter. He never stuffed his karate uniform into his gym bag. He always had his uniform folded carefully and then placed into the bag. Usually, one of the senior club members would fold it for him and put it into his bag. You might also enjoy folding your uniform carefully the way the Japanese do: tied together with your belt. Then you can place it like a neat package into your bag.

Use the Floor – The first step to properly folding a gi is to get on your knees on the floor. Lay the jacket (Top) out with the back down to the floor. Spread the sleeves out so that they point straight out to the sides in opposite directions. Centre the pants (Bottoms) with the jacket ensuring the waist drawstring is placed inwards.

Fold One Side Over – Fold one sleeve and a quarter of the torso of the jacket over toward the other sleeve. As any part of your jacket that was on the floor is folded in, brush it off with your hand to get anything that stuck to it off. Also, this brushing action helps you to crease your uniform neatly.

Fold the Sleeve Back – Fold the sleeve back on itself to get it out of the way.Fold the Other Side – Now fold the other side in and that sleeve back the same way.

Fold the Bottom Up – Fold the end of the pants upwards to even them with the jacket. Make 2 more even folds (depending on the length of your gi) upwards.
Fold the Top Down – Now fold Top down. Ideally there should be a total of 2 folds upwards and one from the top down so your gi is rolled up in folds in three motions.

Tie a Bow – Wrap your belt around the package, and tie it off.

You’re done!


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  1. tamarasheehan
    February 25, 2008 at 7:45 pm

    Awesome! I knew there was a proper way to do it, but never knew if I was doing it right. Thanks!

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