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Stances are not simply an exercise in balance and strength. They are also a vital part of the fighting applications of kata .  Stances are used in combat to ensure correct distribution of bodyweight and the correct position of the karateka’s centre of gravity. This is essential if techniques are to be effective, using the entire body, not just the striking limb, in order to obtain maximum power and speed.  It is not the stance itself that generates power, but the movement of the body into the stance (stance transition) that ensures the correct projection of the karateka’s bodyweight; using body rotation and propulsion dynamics. Stances are not intended to be static postures, but points of reference of the delivery of a technique.  Stances are also used to limit the opponent’s movement and to control their position.

All stances within katas are used in all of these ways.

The way in which one stands, obviously influences the actions that can be immediately taken. A very broad-based stance with a low centre of gravity is extremely stable and good for launching powerful punches and blocks. On the other hand, a narrow-based stance with a high centre of gravity is suited to quick movements.

Stance can engage for an instant during the apex of a technique.  Even elements of energy rooting learned from stance training can occur during technique.

Stances used in Wa-Ki-Ryu can be found in: 


well…lemme just paste them in here…

Kake Dachi – Crossed stance (used in kata)

Kiba dachi – Horse-riding/energy stance

Kokutsu dachi – Back-stance

Kumite dachi – Fighting stance

Neko ashi dachi – Cat stance

Sanchin dachi – Hour-Glass stance

Teiji dachi – T stance

Yoi dachi – Ready stance

Zen-kutsu dachi – Forward-stance

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