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       When you say the word ‘Sanctuary’ most people think of a place that is quiet, peaceful, and most of the time the word ‘home’ comes into play. With me home is not my sanctuary. School is kind of a place to get away from home but good marks and teachers keep me busy, so its not to peaceful.

      For the longest time I had no sanctuary to call my own, so I would run to my friends house to save myself from the stress and anger filled house which I called home. Then Myann had told me about her karate class she had gone to and she wanted me to come along with her. So the next day I had just sat and watched and thought it looked pretty fun so I joined. It felt funny the first few times but I soon started to meet nice people in the dojo, and it became the thing I would do to get away from the stress of home and school. Karate would make me forget what ever had happend that day or that week.

          Now I feel so much better, having something to look forward to during the week. Now that schools’ done for the summer I have to be home more often, so it means more of my family, and that means we get more mad at each other more often. I think that because almost all of my family is in karate we have become more together – mainly because I have to help them train…. (It was annoying when my mom was up and woke me up to ask me what move came next in her kata…Fun right??)

          I would love if my family kept working on karate so we can become more of a happy family and be much more happy than before…….

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  1. tamarasheehan
    September 6, 2008 at 5:16 am

    They are kind of odd, those first couple days in the dojo, but after a while it becomes really familiar, doesn’t it?

    I remember when I came back to karate after a long absence – just the feeling of my feet on the cool dojo floor. It was like coming home.

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