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Body hardening, and mind power

October 16, 2008 1 comment

I love those classes that demonstrate for you the power of the slightest deviation of the mind. My favourite example is probably the time I let Sensei Chris’ jumping sidekick make a puddle of me on the dojo floor. This is not to say that Sensei Chris’ jumping sidekick is not perfectly capable of making a puddle of me all on its own… but we all know that Sensei would never do this to a student intentionally. No, I became a puddle because I took a second to consider how much it would truly suck to experience Sensei’s full power traveling jumping sidekick. I pretty much surrendered myself. Instant fail! Never again, I decided, will I surrender to my mind during training.

Tonight Sensei Mitch had us warming up with Te Waza, including some extra practice on elbow strikes to our open palms. After several strikes of the left elbow to right palm, Sensei commented on the stinging feeling we might be experiencing in the palm. This is good, Sensei said, to feel the strength of the technique, and to practice body hardening. I hadn’t really felt the stinging to that point, but when we switched sides all of a sudden it was so apparent. Blast!… that Sensei… I must have been perfectly focused not to notice the pain beforehand, but he had to bring my attention to it and now all I feel is a sharp STING with every slap. Well, I wasn’t going to let this sudden awareness weaken my training. No, I would work through the sting. Maybe if I focused more on the power of the striking elbow, and less on the pain… Yes, that’s it, MORE POWER!

I got through the warm-up, admittedly feeling rather… stung, and so used the couple of minutes before class started to examine myself. It was then that I re-discovered where I had burned my arm with direct steam from a boiling kettle two days before… right where the boney striking surface of my forearm was landing on the heel of my palm. And all that extra power helped to tear the protective new skin covering off the burn and expose some rather sensitive flesh. 

Sometimes it’s not all in your head.

Be kind to your injuries.

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